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The Bird Painter Paints Fish
by Sofiah Garrard



We are an online only art gallery, so you won’t find us in any high street in any town or city in the world!

And, 'because anything’s possible…', at Green Chair Gallery we bring you artworks from wherever we find them, irrespective of location.

So 'online only' really means without limits: for artists, art lovers and art collectors.

But you will see exhibitions, separate gallery 'rooms', and even on-line previews.  All taking place as if you had come to the gallery in your high street.

So come in, be welcome, and see the artworks and artists we are proud to present you to.

Currently Exhibiting

The Stuffed Fish Dreams on

Sofiah Garrards collages emerge from her inspired creativity, rather like a birth. Although she senses what each one is like as it develops, it is only when finished that she knows that it is so. And it is only at that point that she really understands from within what each one should be called. A fascinating process.



A change of season offers the chance to review what we offer you

We're always on the lookout for new artists whose work can "lighten, enlighten and raise the human spirit" - that can make us all shiver (but not with the cold!)

As well as those artists whose work continues to develop and delight.

You are all welcome in and at GREEN CHAIR GALLERY

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